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Keeping it real with Steel.....Scelerat is going back


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After my "hiccup" in 2018 Epic with partner Paul Dalton (now living in NZ) i will be going back in 2020 on Scelerat to slay this dragon. It has been a slow and long recovery from my Heart Attack (STEMI) on prologue 2018. Previously ridden three Epic's with my boet Ed plus two with Ivey and Paul, but next year I will be partnering up with a young rider, Mandall. Mandall is 19 and I am a whopping 53! He is one of my 14 "development" riders I manage in the village of McGregor where I now live - "McGregor Young Warriors". Also, taking another MYW team as well, thanks to the kindness of the Ironman Foundation who now own Epic.

Back to the steel thing - Can't wait to test my bespoke Dave Mercer bike on Epic.........it was a long time in the planning & design and then cut short because of my first Epic DNF in 2018. Made a few small changes in the build up with a different tire selection & size and also cut new steel chainrings to 33/22 as i will need to be able to climb in order to make the strict cut-offs each day (I normally target 45 minutes to an hour as my goal).

Still got same bike chain from 2016 on my bike (cost R110) and the same old Brooks saddle......that must be a first for any Epic bike and plan to use the same smelly Mr Price gum guard and of course no gloves - has to be old school....only way.

Not big on all the social media sites, but plan to do a FB post/update each - please follow our progress and get stuck in with the banter. Helps to keep the spirits up. Thanks for reading. 




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Excellent! Great to hear you'll be back. I'm doing it again as well, and using Route 62 cycles for tech support, so hopefully I'll see you :-) 



will see you then as i will be them too...........take care Alex 

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