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Looking For a Rear View Mirror to fit MTB


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Good Day fellow beings

I am looking for a Rear View Mirror to fit to my MTB.
Reason: I am looking after my Granddaughters (3 and 1 yr) and as you all know, riding is my sanity and it took a back seat for a while, so now I have a trailer to put them in, my problem is that I hardly feel that they are there and I have to keep looking behind me to make sure. My neck hurts like hell that I can hardly move for a few days after.
I will really appreciate any help, or pointing me in the right direction. I am in the Midrand area.

Thanking you all in advance.

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Ok, Where do you want to put the mirror? The guy in those posts has a mirror on the end of his bars.

Anywhere where I will be able to keep an eye on the trailer behind me, without breaking my neck. Not as young as I once was, so constant head turning lets me suffer a few days after. So yeah, something on the end of the bars would be ideal. I have tried Cycle Lab, and Solomons, and they don't have. So soucing a 2nd hand one is my next option.

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Iceman I had a mirror on my commuter - HT MTB.



The mirror looks "out" to your right for cars .... I could not see anything "behind" me.  In fact, a car had to be close, and to the side, fo me before it would enter into my mirror ....  rather useless, so I removed it.



In my searches I found nothing that would be able to "look behind your".



you will have to make up a long stemmed motorcycle type mirror ... with one LONG stem ....

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Go to any motorcycle dealer or scooter spares dealer, they should have a range of mirrors, including ones that clamp on the bars and ones that fit in the end of the bars.

Rearview is excellent, I use them on my Tadpole trike.

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