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Karoo burn


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It was crazy hard. Absolutely no free miles - maybe the Katbakkies pass descent, but that was just as scary for me due to failed back brakes.

We had 3 DNFs out of our 8, and I know of a lot of other really strong/fit guys not finishing.

Can't really fault the event organizers, all the support/food/waterpoints we're well stocked and good support along the way.

I just think we all underestimated the race. The wind and heat was a killer. It was Much harder than 36one and TB (for me at least)

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Where did you withdraw?

At waterpoint 3 around 134km. Race doctor and paramedics thought I had a heart attack according to the ecg machine, but the blood tests at the hospital was negative.
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I did it on my new GR bike 1 week old...My partner pulled out at 104km,his heart rate was maxing out, needs to do test to see at what the cause for it was, not first time.

I decided to push on.


The roads wasnt that rough, or not rougher than TB is if thats the standard to go by. The heat/fatigue/wind was relentless.

Katbakkies, what a flippen climb. Take no prisoners, wholy moly.

The descent was very fast 75clicks I clocked before slamming the brakes, think the mtb brakes are stronger that gr brakes....

At no point I wanted to stop, just had a sense of humor failure when I struggled to navigate the sand at 210km...I pushed the bike for 50m and hopped back on. Sand was a 5km stretch....

Saw a lot off Ribbok ,as I entered dusk with 15km to go....very pretty landscape with the pink mountains.


This event is by far The hardest off all the Ultras I have done so far!!


Be prepared if you think of doing this...

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I think fellow hubber @boink finished in 5th place mens (8th place overall)  in the two man team section.  He's done a few long races - and he said this one was 'hard'.   :clap:

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Jor that must have been epic. What training to do for this event?

What time did you guys start

This is Munga stuff...


They enjoyed it.Marvelous couple


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