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Bike Hub Weight Challenge 2021


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Basically took a 6 months break off the bike after Double Century in November with just the occasional casual ride since.

Got back on the bike a few weeks ago to do some proper panic training to survive the Trans Baviaans in August.

Started with a Zwift structured program combined with longer outside rides and actually can't believe how much power I've lost since the DC!

Went from a 82kg 324W FTP in Nov to a 96kg 265W FTP currently. That's 3,95 w/kg down to 2,75 w/kg. Flippen embarrassing how I've let myself slip this far! 

Determined to knuckle down and at least get back to sub 90kg before Trans Baviaans.

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I had a good month of riding and also a good month of eating in the evenings after dinner ( many muffins , cheese cake , scones and chocolate cake all baked by my wife ) I managed a 800grm loss but with winter here im happy to have lost weight . IMG_3731.PNG.f339d975e728ef0905a887b9eb112be3.PNG

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