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s works venge vias - last rim brake model BUY or NOT


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Hey Guys - would any suggest I stay away from the 2017/18 last rim brake venge vias?

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Rim brakes for life brrrruh!!! Cheap, easy, clean, reliable, lightweight and you can repair/set them yourself with just a Allen-key PLUS they don't squeak or leak.

Not to mention, this is a sport where no one has ever won a race by using their brakes... (correct me if im wrong?)

BUT if you really want to be fast, buy a track bike and come to the Velodrome - no breaks at all there😎💯

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Actually disk brakes is the best thing that happened to the Bicycle.

Because Cycling is a Snob and Fashion Sport it might be difficult to sell it afterwards.


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Never had an accident cos I could not brake enough, but have had a couple where I braked to hard, that with rim brakes. 

no reason why you should not buy it if the price is right and it floats ur boat. 

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I wouldn't buy the Vias, regardless of what brakes it uses.

While I like a good racey road bike, between this bike and the original venge, it is one of the most uncomfortable bikes I have ever ridden - far too harsh for anything other than perfectly smooth tarmac. It will be a nightmare on our South African roads.

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