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What are these mounts for?


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No idea.

The humor in me would say drainage screws in the event water gets into the frame?

Not possibly for cable guides?

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23 minutes ago, Nick said:

Wild guess, kickstand?

That thought occurred but they would need to be the opposite side. 
Plus would a high end manufacturer put that on a  Carbon frame? 

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1 minute ago, betaboy said:

.. your future disc brake 🤫.

At the front? And it has Disks already with dedicated mounts


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When the chain stay separates from the BB, it will be between the two bosses. Then you can hold the chain stay and BB together with a plate.

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Crank , rim and front der all indicate this to a quite old frame.


Need more info and pictures from more angles frosty , 100tours and jacbrand have the most potential for being right in my mind.


Anti chain suck device not so much cause its definitely newer than 1902 , cable guide could make sense but I feel there easier ways then putting a rivnut at that specific part of the frame 




Pics pls 

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