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  1. Every time I see a beautiful piece of water in Spain, my first thought is, I'm sure there is fish in that water... Is fishing permitted in these dams? Any idea what's under the clear blue? Perhaps trout...
  2. Is buying or selling a bike a LIFE OR DEATH situation? The answer to the first post is straight forward...Agree to a purchase price and hold the bike for the buyer as promised. If a second buyer calls, tell him he is next in line if the buyer doesn't pitch. If the bike you are selling is a bargain, then there should be many buyers in line. If the seller sells it to someone else before the agreed time frame, he or she is a chop and "sorry for you", you lost out on THAT deal. There will be another deal and possibly another chop. Put on the telly and watch TDF. The anger will pass.
  3. Gave in and rejoined DSTV to watch the Tour. Surprised to hear the Chipmunks being invited to commentate...🙄 I was hoping it would be an improvement on the EURO SPORT 1 commentating. At least the Tour has been interesting!
  4. I haven't read your posts in a while. Managed to ready your last few posts as a catchup. A strong theme of humanity comes through these posts which I truly envy...You have managed to make it work there and more important, become accepted amongst the locals - huge respect! Due to Covid, no visits to the Basque country the last 2 years, having to be content with virtual meetings. Hoping to travel again in 2022! Please keep writing about your experiences and local culture. I really enjoy your thoughts on the Hub.
  5. According to the opening and closing times on their website, it seems Wednesday evening rides at Modders are no longer. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Feeling is believing...that bird and Klap you hard on the helmet. Take care. How's the single track riding at the moment? Want to start there again as soon as the mud dries up!
  7. Agree, if you activate the SOS, they will locate you. Try track her movements and set an alert when she reaches home. Big difference. I spent weeks proving this to Namola via calls and email until they eventually agreed that this is not a good active tracking system. I think it's to do with the battery life / data costs and how often the unit updates it's position. If you go out for a cycle and go missing without activating the SOS, your last or current location is not accurate or immediate. Important to know this limitation.
  8. I purchased 2 Namola units...I think they will work well as an SOS button. A total mess as a GPS tracker! The tracker often sends notifications HOURS after I've arrived home. Something they just forgot to mention to me when I purchased them. Don't expect the unit to give an accurate position of where you are!
  9. Same issue at Modders... WHY!
  10. Still blown away how beautiful the Drakensberg is...Some pics not taken with the phone.
  11. Spent a few days riding these trails. What a blast!
  12. Rode some of these trails in December. Fantastic riding experience! Are there similar trails in the Central Drakensberg?
  13. Anyone experienced Modders after the heavy rains we have just had/having?
  14. I was actually wondering if admin should add "an advert guide" that might suggest what these terms might represent in the advert: Brand new = impulse buy, STILL IN BOX, no warranty, Just trying to recover costs... Basically new = Looks new, rides like new, wish I didn't try it otherwise I could say it's Brand new. Could be basically and condition BUT new. Mint = term applies to coins better...guess I could do 2000 km and still have a mint bike...Nice catchy, no obligations phrase this!
  15. Seems the terms "brand new", "basically brand new" and "mint" are the new overused catch phrases in the classifieds at the moment.
  16. Do you use your hands or knees to stop the wobble?
  17. Great thanks. Ordered beans already. Next order i'll place with you.
  18. Tried several times to get info from them. No luck...perhaps they just very busy! Any alternatives?
  19. Any recommendations on fresh coffee bean suppliers in Gauteng that deliver?
  20. You need to ride faster I eventually figured out what to do to stop being smacked on the head - hold your hand on your helmet like a Mohawk...I got the idea from "The Gods must be crazy" movie. I must had looked ready silly and also difficult to steer with one hand. Better we stay clear until they have done their bit...
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