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Found 12 results

  1. So, with the impending shutdown of our training universe, I'm keen to add another element to my indoor training. I want to buy an indoor rowing machine. I have the space, particularly if it folds up or stands against the wall. I train 4 or 5 days a week on my indoor trainer, so the motivation to use a rower isn't really an issue. Any advice on product, training programs etc will be appreciated
  2. Hi guys I need some help. Iv got a second hand Giant Cyclotron Mag Trainer. Problem is I cant seem to get it setup with my bike. My bike is a large frame 29" Silverback hardtail mountain bike. I have set the mag roller to its lowest point however the quick release of the trainer and the skewer of my bike dont line up. My bike is about 20mm too high. My I convert to a smaller tyre? Can I put my wifes 26" tyre on my bike for use on the trainer? Should I rather buy a cheap roadbike and keep in on the trainer? Or am I doing something stupid?
  3. Evening Hubbers, Does anyone have, or know of someone, who has an indoor spinning bike, but with a power meter attached? Only possibilities I can think of a pedal and crank based. I know Stages have an indoor bike like that. Is it worth pursuing?
  4. Hi so... It seems my indoor trainer is zwift compatible and all i need to do is get a ant+ receiver for my laptop as i have garmin bike sensors. So, if someone can give me some insight on the following that would be great. 1. if i sync the CAD, SPD, HR sensors to zwift and do my ride will that ride be linked to my strava, top peak and Vitality points? 2. Can i use garmin 235 ( that i usually record rides on, that syncs to garmin connect and then go to all the apps. ) and connect the sensors to zwift + garmin at the same time>? Im going to do this anyway but would be nice not to have to do a few rides just to figure it out. Links to vids or forums is also appreciated.
  5. So, my wife has watched me get addicted to Zwift. She thinks she'd like to join me occasionally for a little ménage a trois in my pain cave... ????????????. I have a spare Cyclops trainer that I'll setup for her with her 27.5 MTB. What wheel must I use to put a dedicated indoor trainer tyre on for her to use? Do I use a standard 10 speed road wheel? Or do I find a spare 27.5 wheel? Is there a IDT tyre for the 27.5 wheel?
  6. Hi all As I only ride outside on weekends I bought a Tacx Neo on a black Friday sale late last year and have used it a lot since. I have my beloved Tarmac mounted on it - this is my only road bike. Recently a bike mechanic told me horror stories about carbon frames wearing and eventually downright breaking because of indoor trainer use. He advised me to buy a dedicated aluminium frame bike for the trainer. He was talking specifically about the Wahoo Kickr which doesn't sway from side to side like the Tacx Neo does, but I get the feeling that having a pricey carbon frame taking additional wear like this is totally unnecessary in any case. Now here is my dilemma.... Do I want to ensure that my indoor training experience replicates my outdoor/racing experience as much as possible or is this unimportant? Sitting in the same position using the same equipment is one of the selling points for indoor trainers over spinning bikes. Should I ensure the geometry of the frame I use is similar? That seems obvious. Less so the components…. My roadie has Ultegra 6800 with a 50-34 compact crank and 11-28 cassette. Is it important to replicate? I could buy an older metal frame used and add the components, but finding them used is tricky as 11 speed is still fairly new and buying them outright will cost in the region of R5300 through CRC (basically an entire 105 5800 groupset excluding brakes). Is the trouble and cost worth it or necessary? Should I simply buy a cheap used bike and throw that on there? I am willing to spend more if it is justified, but I’m not so sure. Thanks for the help!
  7. HI to all , I've had my Jetblack M1 trainer for a year now , but lately with an FTP of close to 300w I feel it doesn't provide enough resistance. I am looking at upgrading to a trainer with a exponential power curve and 400w resistance at 40km/h in the 2000-3000ZAR price range second hand. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hi I want to buy a trainer to set my wife's old bike to trundle. I can get a 2nd hand Giant, or a new Fluid for the same price. They do look more or less the same. Do I go through the hassle of buggering over to Benoons, or make Makro deliver the new Fluid?
  9. I am unable to ride as often as I used to due to very young family. I go to gym and try do the watt bike as often as possible. Is there any online program where you can: 1- Input your annual goals and races 2- Input time available for watt bike, spinning and on the track etc) 3- It then develops a training program around that which you then update. It could also come with some one on one sessions with a trainer who monitors and assists you. You could meet once a month or even every 6 weeks. Regards
  10. Hi Guys I started cycling about a year ago and would like to continue training indoors in the winter as it gets dark early, have been looking at cycleops supermagneto trainer and cycleops jet fluid trianer. Has anyone used these trainers before and can advise whether they are good for training and any other brands that you guys can recommend. My budget is around 4 - 4.5 k . Thanks
  11. Hi Folks I'm looking to purchase a spinning bike for under R5k. I know indoor trainers are better, but I'm looking for something which can be used by all at home. I've seen a few advertised at Game, Sportsman’s, Makro, 2nd hand on gumtree etc - but all seem to have obscure names - Trojan etc and I'm therefore unsure if there is 'support' if parts are needed if it breaks. And are these decent? I know I would never purchase a bike at Game, but unsure of quality of their spinning bikes. Have any of you chaps got such bikes? Please post your opinions/reviews. Thanks Cheers.
  12. Hallo Hubbers! I'm just curious to find out what your thoughts and opinions are regarding spinning classes? I'm doing MTBing and would like to start and motivate myself to do a spinning class every morning for 5 days a week and afternoons a bit of MTBing as well as weekends. What benefits will I get from spinning?
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