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29er Specific Saddle! Really?


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Guest Omega Man

"saddle buzzing the rear tire" - first time I am hearing of this.

Happens all the time on dh bikes. Getting a setup where the seat doesn't buzz the tire when you bottom the suspension is a major ball ache if you are a short @rse like me

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For me this is just marketing bull ****.

I'm probably the most technically challenged hubber here and don't know much about all the geometry wharra wharra and all that. I do like to have good quality stuff an like to fiddle with my bike.

I just get on my bike and ride....don't give a rats ass about what others do and think.

There are probably suckers that will go and get this, and good for them but I wont.


Since I started worrying less about all the "acceptable" things to have, and focused more on the pure joy of getting on my bike and just ride, I ride with a smile on my face no matter how much I suffer

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Those rails look too ling, with a lekker bump, it looks like something that will break... Will keep with my "26er" saddle thank you!

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Hey, why not see how many peeps are interested and start selling 29er specific water bottles, can hold a litre instead of 750 mls......okay, they probably already have camelbacks ....


But by the time all the 29er specifics are added I guess that could add a kilo or 2 extra weight as well.

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It has more got to do with getting the rider's setup fight on the bike.


Some need more fore / aft adjustment, and SOMETIMES current products come a little short.

This will lend the additional 10mm+ or 10mm- as necessary for correct position relative to the bike BB.


Might even get other okes to fit on 26" bikes...

mmmmm, do I see the resurrection of the 26"??????


Happy hoopin


PS, some info from the review


"So what makes a saddle 29er-specific? According to F’izi:k, “Larger wheels have forced changes in mountain bike geometry, often including longer chainstays and shallower seat angles. These changes have an affect on weight distribution and bike fit, tending to position the rider further towards the back of the bike.”

In order to address these fit issues, the THAR has rails with 95mm of fore/aft adjustment—25mm longer than comparable saddles, F’izi:k claims. This length was added to the rear of the saddle, allowing it to be positioned further forward to compensate for shallower seat angles and longer top tubes found on some (but certainly not all) big-wheeled mountain bikes."

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