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The importance of a helmet!!!

#Roadie no more

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Hi All,


I am going to assume that I am preaching to the converted here and that everone wears a helmet when they cycle no matter what cycling they do!


This is my story of how my helmet saved my life on Saturday and the main reason I am putting it up here is to show show how absolutely critical a good quality, properly fitted helmet is to a cyclist whether you are a novice, a pro, a mtber, a roadie, whatever. Please also pass this onto any family or friends you know that don't like wearing helmets cos they're not 'serious' cyclists.


On saturday morning my riding buddy and I set off from Northcliff, up to the tower, down through Alberts farm then made our way to the botanical gardens. We came into the gardens and made our way to the top where Judith road and Beyers Naude meet. we went up the incline to the fence line of the Marks Parks fields and made our way along the fence.


Just after the wooden bridge over the storm water I lost traction in the mud or on a root and my handle bar clipped the fence. I was thrown into the fence and at the particular point there is a concrete pillar with a U-bolt around with the bolts sticking into path where we ride.


My helmet and the U-bolt made contact, bolt went straight through the helmet and with momentum just ripped through the helmet and of course my head, managed to not fall to the ground but before I could register what was happening there was just blood pouring out of my head.


To cut a llong story short, Louis, my riding buddy and 3 or 4 other friendly cyclists helped me down the hill together with my bike where i walked to the dog entrance and met the ambulance and was taken to hospital. I had to go under GA to clean the wound and haematoma but i am well on the road to recovery and getting back on my bike.


I have attached the pictures so you can see what happened to me and then you would understand what would have happened had either not been wearing a helmet or if it i wasn't wearing it properly.


I would also like to thank the guys that helped me - never got the chance on Saturday.



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Eina! Great story to share... Sad thing is, you'll still see idiots riding without them... Claims of "doesn't protect anything" spewing from their mouths...


Heal up quick man... And don't forget... Chucks dig scars.

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Scalp wounds are always impressive because they bleed like all hell. Hope you got the maximum effect from it. ;) Glad all ended well :)

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Thx for the reminder. Sadly not all here are actually converted. Some guys strongly feel that it is their personal choice not to wear headgear. I hope they stitch their own wounds. You are going to love the stitches coming out...

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I second you on this, from personal experience.


Two months ago I had a nasty fall on my road bike at 56km/h(gps) hitting a steel road barrier with my head and woke up being put in an ambulance. Thankfully no bones broken, just skin off the arms, legs, face as well as stitches in the face and whiplash for 2 weeks. The impact knocked me out for nearly 30 min. Could not remember a thing, my Giro took most of the impact and 'saved my life'( doctor's words), therefore replaced again with an Aeon, expensive I know, but there might be no second chances again.


Accident took place R44 which I 've ridden hundreds of times, no cars, just took my hand off the handlebar to get water on a downhill and hit bump( obscured by early morning shadows) in road caused by a root. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that my first accident after 25 years(on & off) of cycling would take place so easily.


Therefore I will never go on a ride without a decent helmet, think people who ride without are either stupid or just ignorant ( or both).


All the best with the recovery, lots of green juice( sort of forced as I couldn't open my mouth for the first 5 days and had to use a straw to feed myself) saw me back on the bike after 2 weeks.

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I went for a test ride 3 weeks ago. I was contemplating putting on my helmet because I was just gonna test gearing for about 1km. I ended up putting on my helmet. 5min later I had a cracked helmet, a concussion and a minor bleed on the brain. I came off so stupid, but lesson learned. ...... never leave without the helmet...... ever. Even if it's for 1km

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Guys or girls that ride without a helmet are selfish.If they end up a vegetable then they become a burden on the family that could have been prevented,

They could die and the kids have to fend for themselves at a early age.


Hospital admissions for head injury:

All causes: 30,533

Cyclists: 2,183

Cycling represents 7.1% of all head injuries

Proportion of all injuries that involve head injury:

All causes: 34.2%

Cyclists: 37.6%

Pedestrians: 43.7%

Serious head injuries:

All causes: 5,875

Cyclists: 385 - 550 *

Pedestrians: 4,564

Cycling represents 6.5% of all serious head injuries


With some potential for mitigation by effective head protection: 370 - 516 *

This is a theoretical upper limit: see commentary


[*: lower figure is known serious injuries and is the figure comparable with those for all causes and pedestrians;

upper figure includes an adjustment to take account of undefined injuries]

Deaths due to head injury:

Cyclists: 10

This represents 53% of child cyclist deaths

Serious head injuries involving a motor vehicle

Cyclists: 86

Pedestrians: 384

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Gummi:i can't wait for the herd to regurgitate that old 'wisdom' about how 'the rest of the world' thrives on helmetless cycling. Quoting like it's verse and chapter, but forgetting to mention the pedestrian pace those folks ride, the infrastructure supporting commuting by bicycle, how all that conspires to limit the impact of a fall. Not that such a fall would be completely inconsequential I must add.


anyway Mr Op: glad your egg wasn't scrambled :thumbup:

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This should be a sticky...


Glad you are ok mate. The 1 time I forgot my helmet and was too lazy to turn back and fetch it cost me a cracked scull - never again....

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okay now im seriously motivated to go full face... with wider bars,shorter stems and confidence building to go faster and faster... and i have already cracked and replaced my lid. man o man, i guess the 'nogen' deserves a decent bucket for riding the mountain.

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