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Winter is killing me


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Good Day fellow cyclists


Soooo I’ve moved to indoor spinning(by my lonesome) because I am not fit enough to join the groups yet,and I’m not going riding in below zero degrees at 5am.


Still indoors on the spinning bike my toes go numb because of bad circulation.Actually last night my one foot went so numb I only had control over my foot with my ankle.


Thick socks don’t work, but I have seen people recommend compression socks. Or would a shoe cover be a better bet ?


Edit : I am 100% sure it’s because of bad circulation. What they call “winters voete”. I remember there was a time I would buy my sport shoes 2 sizes too big so it will fit even with layers of socks.


(Funny enough, in the summer I need socks with cooling gel ????????‍♀️)


Thanks in advance for advice

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when you ride an IDT you spend more time sitting on your ass and you dont stand/sit/shift your contact points like you would when actually riding on the road hence you arent relieving your pressure points so you get numb bits

go buy some warm kit and go ride outside

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No problem - it's quite accurate - I've used the measurements on multiple bikes after getting a professional set-up done on two of the bikes. 


thanks for the link.

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Try loosen your shoes first .. lots of time people overtighten them and your feet swell as you get warm and make it worst


Then if that don't help, get bikefit .. might be as others say your cleats to far forward, shoes to big (putting cleat to far forward) shoes to narrow, saddle to high (leaning to one side to compensate, making 1 foot dead(normally right foot)) .. etc etc etc

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Winter is fine. Work is killing me. Stuck in the office/jail on a beautiful Cape winters day is just wrong.

In the highveld ,if the sun is out it just means I can get sunburnt and frostbite - at the same time ????

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