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Stolen: Cervelo TT 2020 (Cape Town)


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Stolen: Cervelo TT 2020
When: 11 February 2020
Where: Cape Town, Western Cape

I am the owner of Cash Converters Oakdale. Two guys just tried to sell me a Cervelo TT bike...which clearly does not belong to them. When I started questioning them they became very nervous and left the shop. I managed to keep the bike behind and would like to reunite it with it's legal owner.


Please contact me if your bike was recently stolen. In order to ensure the bike goes back to it's rightful owner you will have to prove to me that it is in fact your bike.


our shop is at 155 Durban rd, Oakdale, Bellville, Cape town.



Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
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So I have had many calls but not found the owner as yet.  Based on my knowledge of bikes I am sure that this one was owned by a lady (crank length and saddle size).  


Please keep spreading the word.


I have also shared posts on FB so hopefully the owner will be found.


A BOTTLE  of Bells to you Morne.

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Maybe the owner doesn't want to be found?  Maybe he already has a brand new bike to ride the CTCT with?   Thanks to the insurance claim?   :huh:

I thought it was established 'he' was a 'she'? BUT, lets not assume gender.........  :ph34r:

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