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New Zealand - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

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Do me a favour while you're over there. Ask a few full blooded kiwis, some born and bred  All Black supporters how they feel about Saffas who back the the All Blacks instead of the Bokke. I don't wanna stir things up. I certainly don't wanna turn the thread into that. I'm genuinely curious.


Enjoy your new chapter and post some trail pics

I can't speak for all Kiwis or even any, but in my experience, local folk expect you to back the Boks and are pretty surprised and impressed when you say 'nope, I'm here for good, so I'm behind the All Blacks'.

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Some random pics.

Pretty fascinating from my point of view to see the things that new arrivals find remarkable. A lot of stuff we now take fully for granted - playgrounds for the kids everywhere, shared trails (another pro tip, invest in a bell if you don't already have one), well-looked after public facilities, etc.

For my part, this is home; as I've said elsewhere, my Mrs is a bit homesick because with 2 small children and no support it can be pretty tough and she misses her 'rents, but I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

What don't I like? As WP has noted, property in Auckland is moer expensive, but if you look in the regions, it is a lot more accessible. We're a million miles from anywhere, so most stuff is kind of expensive, TBH.

Auckland I find is too spread out, hard to stay in touch with friends and that. I by far preferred living in Whakatane, small town NZ is truly awesome, real sense of community and your neighbours become your mates. Something special about friends randomly popping in to say hi because they were walking or biking past..

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Vantage point on Kawau Island, just north of Auckland, + mansion. You park your boat on the beach, walk past the mansion (which belong to Governer George Grey - the same one who gave Grey's Hospital, in Pmb, where I was born, it's name, as well as Grey College, Greytown, etc, in SA) and tackle the walking tracks which take you above these bays. Nice views.




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jeepers that is expensive

All that green grass comes at a price.


But it does look like some incredible greenery that side.. imagine safe neat parks everywhere.. oh wait I remember them.. it was in the 80's in SA.



BUT Mr Potgieter, I hope you are very happy there. And that everyone settles very fast.

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