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Decent cycling podcasts?

Dirt Tracker

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Now that the roadie season is over and the flurry of podcasts from all corners dies down after Lombardia I'm looking for some decent cycling related listening. Road or MTB suggestions welcome. What are you listening to?


I've binged: 

- The Cycling Podcast & Friends of the Podcast

- The Move / Lance A

- Bradly Wiggins 

- Inside the Peloton


- Cycling News / Velo News

- Wheelsuckers

- Stanley St social 

- Bespoke
- Rouler 
- Cycling Tips

- Downtime Podcast
- Singletracks

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Love some tunes on mtb. Please don't roadride with earphones in. It's unsafe and illegal.

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Laurens ten Dam does a lekker podcast called live slow Ride fast.


Is in Dutch so most Dutchmen should be fine :ph34r:  :ph34r: .

And for the Soutie's: Gaan praat die taal man!!!

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Can we get this going again. I'm looking for some new stuff to listen to.


Some good ones I came accross recently:


- Cyclingtips podcast - Tyler Hamilton interview

- Cyclingnews had a couple good ones, incl a Landis interview

- Life in the peleton - Daryl Impey and Robert Gesink

- The Science of Sport Podcast - What it really takes to ride the Tour de France: A Doctor's perspective

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I started listening to The Fit File with DCRainMaker after your post  :thumbup:


Listen to the episode where he spoke about his collection, and why he doesn't get ride of the older units. So he can show a side-by-side photo of the product as it evolves. Thought that was a very interesting topic he covered.


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