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CO2 Cartridge Explode


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I had no idea this is even possible!  :eek:


This guy left his 25g CO2 cartridge in his cubbyhole and it apparently got a little hot in there.


Just did a quick Google search and discovered these cartridges hold around 60bar pressure! Not sure how save I feel with two of them under my saddle anymore. They are literally little bommetjies!

















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have you ever measured the heat build up in a car? Its astronomical.

Leaving one of those lying round inside a car is crazy, its probably doesnt get even close to those kinds of temps under your saddle.


But what surprises me is that it did not let go at what I thought would be the weak point, the cap that you pierce.


Leave a full aerosol can in your car and you're looking for the same k@k. 

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After seeing this I'll also never argue with Airport staff again about insisting on taking my co2 canisters on a plan, doesnt matter which temperatures are expected or where it will be stowed away.

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Always had this fear and it never bothered me after not seeing one of these explode in years, exploding from heat isn't surprising at all and I highly doubt it'll get hot enough in your pocket or mounted on your bike


The air cooling should keep it fairly cool I would think

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They're well named but the effect of even significant temperature increases of the contents of a CO2 bomb isn't that significant e.g an increase from 20 to 100 degs C will 'only' increase contents' pressure by 28%.

Maybe that crosses a design pressure? More likely a defect in the bomb wall??


Still sobering...

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well, this is what happens when a scuba tank explodes in your car boot...


Edit - correction - that was nitrox... but pressures are similar - 300bar in a scuba tank...



I am not sure what happened in that specific scenario but I have seen a few times when the shut-off valve doesn't close and either the nitrous leaks into the engine when you don't want it to or the reverse happens and the nitrous catches fire and the fire burns back upstream. That is also a big explosion in both scenarios but with fire.

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