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Share your pain: Let's try hurt each other


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The idea being - share your custom workout.


Zwift has the ability to create a custom workout and you can share this with others by copying the file out of your zwift folder and giving it to another zwifter who copies it into their filder as per this link



To get the ball rolling here's 


Mamilmangler: Pyramid scheme




It's a warmup, then 1 minute at 180% FTP with 1 Minute rest (60%). Thereafter power requirement decrements by 20% and time doubles (as does rest interval) to a max of 5 minutes at just over FTP and then back up the ladder.


Disclaimer - I haven't actually done it yet - will do on the weekend.


Post yours?

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This is mine that I designed specifically for Alp du Zwift. I tweak it as I go. The idea is to get to the top as I finish the last interval. It has 10 intervals of 5 mins starting at ftp and then dropping slightly with 4 minute "rest" phases.


I need to edit it coz it's based on FTP.




If I want to hurt myself it's the Wringer or Cape Epic Workout #14

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Low cadence VO2Max intervals:

  • 20 minute warm up - 65% of FTP
  • At 110% - 120% of FTP:
    • 2 mins seated 55-65 rpm
    • 1 mins standing, +5 rpm
    • 1 mins seated 60-65 rpm
    • 30 secs standing, +5 rpm
    • 30 secs seated maintain previous cadence
  • 5 minutes easy spinning - 50-55% of FTP
  • Repeat 4-5 times
  • 10 minute cool down
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That's pretty awesome, thanks!


TB is closer to 2400m of elevation though isn't it? Guess riding to power it won't matter. I'd like to do this as a prep closer to the time (if TB ends up happening that is).


Did this custom workout two weeks ago on Zwift. Skipped the last 16 stars, felt I was done after 06h12min, Uber Pretzel and 160km..


 attachicon.gifTB Workout.jpg

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