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What do you put in your water bottle?


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I'm getting tired of drinking plain water during a trail ride. What do you put in your water bottle, other than water? 

Or what can I add to the bottle to make it taste better? 

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Most cyclists use a high carb powder additive supplying quick release "sugars". Others use a rehydrating solution to reduce cramping and replacing minerals lost in the sweat. Others use "Gu" gels (some with caffeine) for that final kick to get you through the last 25km of a race...

It's up to you to try out what sounds best for you - on normal training rides so that you can find out what is best for you (and your stomach) rather than experimenting on a race day. Good luck...

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8 hours ago, HowardSteele said:

I'm intolerant to artificial sweeteners so all of the usual mixers are a no go for me...so i use liquifruit 50% mix with water .

I use red grape juice 50/50 with water and a pinch of salt. Salt takes the sweetness away as well as allowing the stomach to digest a bit faster. 

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