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Just another reason why motorists hate cyclists


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Was driving down Frans Conradie opposite brights and PnP in Boston yesterday and saw this bunch of guys cycling up the road. When I spotted them they were riding 4 abreast and talking and not giving a damn about any vehicles passing them. as I approached they made some poor effort to get out of the road but still riding 3 abreast! so I had to change lanes to pass them and hooted at them and got flipped off by the most right hand side guy. Obviously some UBER funriders training for the double century and giving us cyclist a bad name, and then people are surprised why there are so many accidents that include cyclists...



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This is going to be a very entertaining thread.


Maybe a 50km/h side-wind and they were protecting each other?

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OK lets get it over with:


Did you take the photo with your phone while driving?





nope, how on eart must I take that pic from the right hand side of the car without capturing the dash etc. my brother in the passenger side took it

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