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So I go for a ride this morning. MTB. Seven km into my ride, I puncture rear wheel..

I dont have a pump with me only a bomb.

Bomb the wheel only to discover that it is a cut in the sidewall.

Uncle Stan is trying his best to seal the cut but he is losing the battle.

I jump on the bike and start time trialing towards home.

About 3 km out of town, I cant ride anymore, too flat.

I try to call the woman who calls herself my wife, she is still sleeping, her phone is off. Know other okes are at a race, so I start pushing the bike.


To the three guys on their roadbikes that passed within a meter of me in Andries Pretorius street Bloemfontein this morning. You are not cyclists, you are wannabe's. You passed me pushing my bike, you didnt ask if you could help, you didnt even say hello!

There is an unwritten law in cycling, if you see another cyclist in trouble, you ask if you can help.

Oh and tell your fat buddy who was hanging on the back of your paceline that his saddle is too low, it looks ridiculous.

A nice guy in a bakkie stopped and gave me a ride home. Dankie Andre, jy is n piele ou. I had the tyre replaced and still got a ride in.

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Vets.....die blinde sambok gaan eendag vir daai ouens uitgehaal word. Hope you are in the vicinity to witness it when it happens. Eish, and here on the Hub we promote camaraderie and sportmanship among cyclist. Not cool!!!!!!

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Many ways of looking at this situation





Calm down Dipsy

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Some people haven't read the rules of this beautiful sport yet.


Referring to RULE 84 (I ASSume)?


Follow the Code.


Consistently with The Code Of The Domestique, the announcement of a flat tyre in a training ride entitles – but does not oblige – all riders then present in the bunch to cease riding without fear of being labelled P#55ies. All stopped riders are thereupon entitled – but not obliged – to lend assistance, instruction and/or stringent criticism of the tyre mender’s technique. The duration of a Rule #84 stop is entirely discretionary, but is generally inversely proportional to the duration of the remaining time available for post-ride espresso.

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Where was your spare tjoop and extra co2 cartridges...?

Anyway, flipping roadies, cant trust them...

Hope that you were talking to roadies with that statement and telling us we can't trust these big hairy guys on the dikwiel bikes.


But I have to say I have met one or two dikwiel guys in the past that were half decent.

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Why were you riding your off road viets where the roadies ride?

Read it again. I was on my way home.
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