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Wat is a lekke saddle bag?


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I do NOT like saddle bags. 


The look ugly on a bike. They rattle. And they tend to damage your seatpost after a while.


I used the Scicon bags which has an attachment that bolts onto the bottom of your seat and the bag then clicks onto that, but after 3 of them broke off and one got lost I am looking elsewhere.


Your experience and advice please.

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{insert sophomoric gender reference here} :ph34r: 


on a different note, it seems more prefered/fashionable these days to use a toptube/fueltank bag. i use one...they are nice because they are easily accessible while riding (phone, gells whatever)....and also look a bit better than saddle bags imo. purists will still object though. i dont like riding with crap in my shirt or with a bag on my back so you be a purist all you want lol.





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you dont say if for road or mtb.


for road I'm using the Scion elan 210



doesnt touch the seat post.

Only thing is its to small to fit a tube and tools in.

Inside I've got 2 bombs + adapter, small multi tool, slug plug.

I have put the bombs and multi tool inside a piece of tube to stop them rattling though.

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Ryder Elite Saddle Bag Small



2x Bombs and Valve


2x tyre levers


Magic Link

1x Buffalo if you have an emergency and run out of coffee money


It fits very securely with straps. The strap around the seatpost is just under the saddle, you can still use the dropper.


I have found that the slide/clip-in attachments tear out after a while. 


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in all honesty, ive been flirting with this idea: the saddle bag is starting to annoy me, and all i really have in there is a multitool, plugs, chainlink and cleat bolts. my co2 cans are mounted to the bottle cage. and the pocpac also means you can just grab it and go, if you are jumping between bikes for instance.



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