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I miss my bike


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It just hit home.

My bike is going to stay hung up tomorrow...

I'm not sure how I feel about this

My last proper ride was on 16 January ... limped back the last 8km with a bust knee ....


Got given the all clear to start with 1o minute gentle rides ... got that all clear 24 hours before the lock down ...



YES, it SUCKS !!!!



But you will get through it





Disclaimer ... at least I could dust off the IDT and can use those 10 minutes per day ....




PS since January I have used almost a full bottle of polish on my MTB ... checked the torque on every bolt .... tidied rhe cables ....

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I miss the outdoors. The sense of space and sky and a distant horizon and another one after that

You know what I miss? The outdoors with my club mates. The smack talk, the chirps, the chit chat and general conversation. And the odd wattbomb to get over the hill. 


Club that cares. 

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We made a 2.2 km cross country track on the farm. Some singletrack in the gums and 100m of climbing for every loop. We ride down the stone steps and jump the terraces between the platforms and then ride over the dam wall. Its keeping me sane right now....but it's hard riding all these steep climbs. My butt is so stiff.


I miss the long gravel rides riding next to friends and talking nonsense. But I'm grateful I can ride a bit, I see my friends posting strava maps that look like balls of wool where the ride around their houses and tennis courts.

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