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LUCKY gent in the cradle this morning


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37 minutes ago, Stretch said:

Aaah the old sun in their face excuse.... If the sun was in his eyes.. Maybe he shouldn't have been making a dangerous overtake manoeuvre

This exactly, driver was a complete knob and is really lucky the cyclist wasnt seriously injured.


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20 minutes ago, Chris_ said:

Theres a pretty big yellow lane there, if I'm picturing the right place.

So that means he was not only driving on the wrong side of the road, but all the way over the yellow line!?


This, very lucky rider. Driver should be charged with attempted m/s.

Edit: However, with the cradle wars and all, it is not uncommon for riders to not be in the yellow lane, especially there.

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Tell you one thing. That driver would have gotten one life-changing fright when they drove over something big and solid. They surely would have at first thought it was a human. 

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There is no way the driver had sun in his face. That stretch of road runs roughly North to South. Not East...I ride that route 4 times a week and no sun in eyes ever. Not possible. Cars fly along there at high speed from the circle on top to the N14 as they take a through route to/from Pta. If I'm driving at 100kmhr I get guys tailgating me. Driver should be charged but we know where that will go...we also know that often cyclists ride outside the yellow line cos it's lekker to ride 3 and 4 abreast talking to your mates...

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18 hours ago, OVERDRIVE said:

From what I hear, where I've marked. 

Driver says he had the sun in his face, most of the lads say he was coming toward them. Miracle. 

ps. Was I wrong to use the word "cradle"? I assumed that made reference to the route/area? ????



Whichever direction you're riding, that's a fast descent down to the bridge followed by a slow climb up the other side on a bike.  

If I remember correctly, a rider was actually killed close to that bottom bridge after hitting a pothole back around 2014/15?

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