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Where has your bike taken you today?


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Usual loop in reverse and a flat that took waaaayyyy to long to change the tube. I love my pirellis, but they are a PITA to get off the rim. 
Flat occurred in a dodgy area, I did a quick road side inflate and then put all my weight over the front wheel and made my way to a fuel station further down the road. 



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Mid-afternoon MTB ride up C’Nek, then down the Constanta Greenbelt trails, back up some side roads, into the Cork forest bordering Rhodes Drive, up the gravel to the Nek,

…then turned around and did the traverse behind Kirstenbosch, back along some of Rhodes drive, back into Cork forest for 2’nd time, back up gravel to C’Nek, then bombed down the trail into Houuties, a very pleasant 3 hours indeed!

nice and cool, I had forgotten how incredibly rough/rocky the Cecilia forest section was UP UNTIL the exact border with Kirstenbosch, when the trail turned SILKY SMOOTH…

I swear I came close to losing some tooth-fillings on that Cecilia forest section, I have not ridden it in MANY a year, and used to train it in 2005/2006/2007 for stage racing, and am SURE it was WAY smoother back then - anyone who can set the record straight?




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