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8D music


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I have posted this in more than one chat, but perhaps this deserves it’s own thread:


Listen to this with your in-ear headphones on. You’ll understand why when you’ve listened. Or have I just been living under a rock?


Kicking the thread off is, Metallica (Nothing Else Matters).



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In my short time our from under my rock, I've found quite a few but they seem to mostly go around it circles. 


As a novelty it's quite cool, but I can see it wearing off. 

I got one on Whatsapp that kicked off the interest, and it seems to hop from one side rather just rotate around like I've had too much to drink.


Eventually found it:

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I am happy to go back under my rock - listing to this makes me feel like I am on a merry go round (while the sound source is stationary) and I start to feel dizzy




For the music-production-ally illiterate, what is 8D?


To me, it sounds like I'm listening to a recording of a spinning speaker.

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This just feels like I'm listening to A song playing on A speaker that's swinging around me 


quality wise it doesn't come across much different than what's been doing the rounds over the last few years 

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