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Things you've heard people call parts or equipment

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We aren't all perfect and 100% clued up on what things are called on a bike or part of the gear you use. Sometimes though some funny things do sneak in. 


Share them. 


I'll start with 



This is a Helmut



This is a Helmet


Only one of the two will save your head in a crash. 



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The old 26 inch mtb was always a 26". Then the new big wheel comes out and gets dubbed a 29er. Now all of a sudden some people start calling the small wheels 26er. Surely it remains a 26" ?


Soft tail instead of dual suspension.


Cleats for the whole pedal.


Rim for the whole wheel or vice versa.


Di2 for Campy or Sram electronic gears.

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My all time favourite....not equipment but when people “drive” their bikes and not ride their bikes....


I have a flat wheel...nope....it’s still round, you have a flat tire...or is it tyre...

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Not sure when these became the same thing ...


Agreed that the terminology is wrong, but I can half understand that one, for the uninformed, because the two pulley wheels in the rear derailiur are known as jockey wheels.....

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Here's a snobby one:


Gruppo - Italian word for cycling groupset, and acceptable parlance in English.

Grouppo/groupo - Not a real word in any language as far as I know, although I can't rule out the possibility that it is Australian slang for an orgy. 

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