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I've kinda surrendered to the fact that I wont be able to use my Thomson Silver seat-collar or seatpost, it's just TOO much silver and it doesn't pop. The magnesium Haven wheels and bars are also not WOW...


I'm going to have to change my build to include a black thompson seat-collar, carbon haven seatpost, and carbon haven bars - just to break the raw finish a bit.


was also considering titanium jagwire hoses and housings, but it will be a no-go... going to be bold and do GOLD hoses and housings (totally inspired by Ryanpmb)...

NICE! :clap:


I reckon you right about the raw... it's awesome, but does 'take over' the look of the bike and needs to be broken up.


Funny, I'm considering running a black Thomson seatpost and stem to ease up on the green...

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Ryan how do you find those chunky Loaded grips?

I'll let you know tomorrow. So far I've ridden the bike around the house. Taking her out on the trails this afternoon.


I generally ride with chunky lock on grips so I can't see these being much different. The rubber compound/ grip design feels good so lets see...

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Nope, got a mail from them this morning. Not sure why it's going to take so long though


I have mine... nah nah nah nah... you dont have one... hehehe...


Just kidding, but I'll post pics of mine while you wait for yours... :clap:

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Did anyone put their large OneTen29 frame on a scale before building it up?

I see that the XL is 3.3kg


Oh, and what headset works with this frame?

The Pyga website says 44mm press-fit cup on top and a 52mm drop-in lower bearing

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