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The Empire Strikes Back: Specialized Sues A Bike Shop Over Name

Bad Girl

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From Bike Rumour:


Cafe Roubaix Bicycles is a small bike shop located in historic downtown Cochrane, Alberta. Like many shops, it got it’s start in a garage. Where owner Dan Richter had been building high end custom wheels for friends and local racers.

A twenty year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, starting Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio, was a culmination of a life long passion and a great way to force himself to meet new people. His military career, after stints in Afghanistan and elsewhere, was brought to an end due to post traumatic stress disorder.

His shop, which opened in March, is located perfectly above an ice cream shop caters to road cyclist. It’s named after the famous 117 year old Paris-Roubaix race, because Dan wants every client to “roll away experiencing the same level of service and attention that every European professional demands from team mechanics, coaches, and equipment providers.”

The problem is….


Specialized Bicycles is requesting Cafe Roubaix Bicycles change it’s name or else they’ll huff and they’ll puff and they’ll sue due to trademark infringement. While Dan’s lawyer claims he has a case, since the name is an icon of bike culture, and there are dozens of products with the name e.g. the Fuji Roubaix Road Bike and Challenge Roubaix Tires. But to pursue this case would cost an estimated $150,000, so the small shop must capitulate.

According to Specialized Canada, the company is defending it’s legally owned trademark because it is legally required to defend or lose it.

For Dan, changing his stores name is a lot more than just a sign. It’s about rebuilding a reputation he has carefully cultivated building custom wheels and providing exceptional customer service. You can find directions to Dan’s shop, pick up a jersey, or just learn more about his shop here.

Via Calgary Herald

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A Great name for the shop would be:


The Bike Shop that was successfully intimidated by Specialized to change our name because were are dam good.


What a wonderful name Dan can choose with a ice cream shop underneath his bottom... :)

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" Cafe Roubaix Bicycles" from what I read does not even sell Specialized. Disgusting bullying by Spicialized imo. I hope a law firm takes his case for the marketing they would get from it.

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" Cafe Roubaix Bicycles" from what I read does not even sell Specialized.


They don't.


I do want one of these vintage wool jerseys they sell:


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Canadian patent laws are retarded to have awarded a patent for the name of a town and a classic bike race.

Specialized are even more retarded for doing this. bullying tactics. Part and parcel of why I don't like the brand.

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love the outrage on specialized assholes FB page. go join in the fun!


have to love this pic someone posted up, captioned as : Specialized Roubaix in action :thumbup: :lol:



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Uhg.. I never really liked this brand. Now I will never own anything Spaz again. Anyone interested in two Spaz Ribcage bottle cages? Wait a minute... We all own a ribcage? Let's sue Spaz!


And Cellar, may I also use your signature?

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