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Covers performed better than the original......


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Hendrix version of "All along the watchtower" is one of the best covers ever. Even better than Dave Mathews IMO.

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walk off the earth pretty much OWN the covers genre. Gianni is a genius, plus his bokkie Sarah is also genius and she's HAWT. so hawt. dunno about beard guy, he's a passenger.


I don't really like covers that just repeat an old song, try something new with it. like these guys you might have heard of.




these okes used to rock this one to close out their set.....

i wonder what benny and bjorn think?




Anyway, on the other end of the scale you get shocking covers. 


this is one of the ultimate 80's slow dance go tonsil hockey your chick in the dark corner of the dancefloor numbers.



then some idiot youtube band went and basically redid it with the intention of ripping the soul out of the original yet probably sold a brazillion more copies.



there's a semi R&B wonderwall cover that you will find on goodhope FM, also vomitworthy.

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i dont think we want to go down the road of crappy covers cos we could be here till 2025...but I dont think you can find anything worse than Knob Stewart's destruction of downtown train

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