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Trek - shocking first time impression!!!

Craig Foot

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I really don’t like to brand bash, but this post deserves a little vent and also serves as a warning to potential buyers: don’t buy if you can’t try!


Trek: How do you sell a R89k bike by not allowing a buyer to test ride it??

Dealer 1: great effort but no, I can’t ride a Large frame when I need a XL frame, thanks for trying though guys.

Dealer 2: Tells me “you can ride the owners bike but only on the roads, you not allowed into the mountains as it has carbon rims that will get damaged”. Thanks for calling back to tell me I cannot rode the bike, great attitude too by the way.


Well, I’m trying to buy a MOUNTAIN BIKE that’s supposed to have been designed to ride in mountains, hence it’s a MTB. If it comes with carbon rims but you scared they get damaged on a test ride around Meerendal, then what on earth you trying to sell?


Shocking Trek. You guys can certainly learn a lesson from the Pyga team whom I told I was riding a few bikes to compare, yet they went out of their way to put me on the two bikes I was interested in, and one is the top contender now for my cash.


I’m sure the Specialized guys too will make an effort.


I was super stoked after meeting Dealer 1, but Eish....you have done nothing to instill even a little bit of confidence in your brand and after sales support.


Ride before you buy

Ride before you buy

Ride before you buy

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Had the same experience in Pretoria.


One of the agents on Lynnwood Rd wouldn't even greet me, 3 times I went to the shop to try get some info and chat bikes. First two times completely ignored, they literally looked at me and acted like I didn't exist.Third time got some half @ssed assistance from some arrogant little pr!CK.


Drove to a Pyga dealer who spent over an hour chatting options and getting to known me and my needs. Walked out with a deal on a Pyga.


Specialized are very good at offering test rides etc from my experience. I moved from a Specialized to a Pyga.

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Have you tried Best Bikes in Durbanville ?


I have had the most frigid experience there in 2017.  Significantly better in 2018 - new staff.  Cr@p service a few weeks back when I was looking at a Signal bike for the kid (sales woman told me the bike on the signal website does not even exist ...)  But they are the next closest dealer to you.



May be worth your while to try a few other dealers - https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA/store-finder/


NOTE - just stay way clear of the Paarl outlet !!!  :cursing:   :cursing:  they cost me thousands in school fees ....




So may I suggest that you also add SCOTT to your list of bikes to test.  the twin lock system makes for a very messy front end .... but MAN, it WORKS !!  :clap:   :clap:

Try the following if you want to arrange a test ride:

- Gecko Cycles, speak to Fred

- Bike Addict (think they do parking lot test rides)

- Chris Willemse Cycles




PS - not many bike shops allow test rides.  But the way they go about informing you certainly goes a long way ....


PPS - ALL bikeshops have ONE thing in common !  They are as good as that salesperson you deal with on the day .... I have had some brilliant service at some, as well as some really cr@ppy service on other days .... all depending on who you deal with.  The ONLY shop that CONSISTENTLY delivers TOP service : King Cycles in Worcester  :thumbup:   Got to the point where I window shop, and plan my purchases, and make sure to stop in at King cycles when we are in the area.

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Speaking of Pyga, when are they launching a new bike? I know they are planning on setting up local manufacturing, just wish they would get on with it. My current MTB is getting a bit long in the tooth and I would love to have a totally local bike.


apologies for the hijack.

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Must say the Pyga guys are great .... gave me a loan stage max at berg and bush after had a problem with the freebody at first waterpoint.Was very impresed with the bike and their attitude.

Then got to ride the new enduro bike down spioenskop ...what a blast.

Very very impressed with Pyga ... Local is Lekker!!

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