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Changing to Carbon bars MTB


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Wondering if anyone has some input here..


Firstly does a Carbon bar give a smoother ride ( as i have read on reviews )




i currently have a spank oozy bar that has 30mm rise with 6deg backsweep & 4deg upsweep.
want to possibly change to Csixx END Hi riser bar 20mm rise with 8deg backsweep & 5deg upsweep
any idea how to calculate how much difference there would be between the 2 bars in terms of bar height etc  
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I found switching to carbon made a world of difference, it was a challenge with the new bike and listening to my LBS, they suggested I get a 30mm rise like you and as far as I could find on 1 780mm wide 30mm rise carbon bar exists.


I then opted for the spank vibracore which is actually meant to be better at vibration dampening than carbon and considerably cheaper than importing the carbon one which was 160usd.


Maybe take a look at that, but baring that which I can give feedback on in a few days, hell will freeze over before I subject my hands and arms to the torture that is ridding alu bars.

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I never thought of carbon bars as anything more than weight saving and bling. Got some in a good special to test...


I found that carbon bars on MTB have more direct steering (feel stiffer when steering) but are softer on the hands (more vibration damping). This was changing from Giant Alu bars to Truvatuve Noir carbon bars.


After that test, I would definitely recomend carbon bars as a legitimate upgrade over alu bars.

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Carbon softens the vibrations you feel compared to most alloy bars - the downside is cost for a quality product like Enve or similar - they are pretty strong but don't like nicks and scratches much - not that I have ever broken a set yet.


Enve on my xc bike

Csix on my enduro bike

Ritchey on my roadbike

No name brand on my singlespeed.

and Aluminium on the DH rig...

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When you buy carbon bars, buy a torque wrench as well (if you don't already have one). Torque the bolts exactly right, from the start, not to damage the bar. Trust nobody but yourself, or a very diligent mechanic that you know well, to do this.


And use carbon paste, it works and you can then even slightly under torque

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how many times do you hit A tree in A year ?


asking for a friend 

Maybe manufactures should start looking at Self Healing Carbon for frames and components 

The tech is used in aero space and now in the new Lambo 

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I believe if your suspension setup and tyre pressure is spot on you are not going to notice a difference between a carbon and alu bar. I've had everything from cheap alu to expensive alu (Renthal) to high end carbon (cSixx) - I can't tell the difference. Where the difference comes in for me is the sweep (up and back) as well as rise - and the cSixx END Hi Rise (20mm) ticks the boxes for me. Have a pair on my Enduro bike and Hartdail for the last 3 years - very happy with it - it's the only carbon bit on any of my bikes and it's held up to all the abuse I've thrown at it.


Edit: Grips also makes a world of difference...

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