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To wield or not to wield


To wield or not to wield  

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  1. 1. Are you armed for purposes of safeguarding yourself and/or your belongings when you go out riding?

    • yes
    • no
  2. 2. Assuming you answered yes, What are you wielding?

    • Firearm
    • Gasgun or Non-Lethal Firearm
    • Mace or Pepper spray
    • Taser
    • Knife
    • Other (drop a comment in the thread to elaborate)
    • none
  3. 3. Assuming you answered no. Is arming yourself for rides something you would consider?

    • Yes
    • No

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Last week I had a chat to some random okes at Blackhill and i heard rumors about riders taking precaution by arming themselves for rides. It seems people are gatvol of being targeted. So how many people actually do this?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Nothing other than pepper spray..... mostly for tsotsi's, but also helps for the occasional rabid giant dog (in an emergency only of course!).

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TBH I am choosy about where I ride nowadays. If I do go ride in the bush, I make sure there are at least 3 of us riding (2's company 3's a crowd ;)  ) and skelm's aren't too fond of crowds unless they pickpockets....


Gone are the days of hopping onto a trail and enjoying the scenery (Sadly)


I feel that being armed could potentially make a bad situation worse. I'm tired and sweaty with gloves on and if some **** knocks me off my bike or jumps in front of me demanding my belongings chances are that he's not carrying nail clippers.... My reaction is take my stuff and just leave me alone. I have insurance for the replacement.


Maybe I'm living in a blinkered world though.... Will wait to see what other say.

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I fancy a tactical baton, one of those telescopic jobbies. Anyone got any recommendations on this front?

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I haven't really felt the need to be armed in anyway, riding alone or in a group. But with the way things are going a firearm may not be a bad thing... And I am in the process of getting mine, test done, Glock purchased so now just to find a way to carry it on the bike with easy access.

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If I have pepper spray I'll shoot myself in the eyeball.

Anything more than that and I'll either accidentally injure myself while riding or it will get used against me when things get serious.


I didn't get into cycling to learn jujitsu...

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Out Saturday club ride goes passed the notorious hijack hotspot under the gautrain bridge in kempton. One of our club members bought his glock along once shortly after someone was jacked. But I think he just had it once.

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Today, I was actually thinking of how I have of been stripped of the enjoyment of bunking out for an hour 2 to go for a ride on my own when the opportunity spontaneously presents itself - one of the great joys of my life, and a benefit of not having a boss.


Because of the fear, I have limited myself to the idt, and more recently to Huddle Park, where I feel 100% safe on my own. But I am getting bored with both, so have been thinking about ways to unclip my wings again.


Though I do carry pepper spray, carrying a weapon is just not an option for me. (I agree with @Grebel 's take).


Instead, I have been thinking of leaving the Garmin, Iphone and expensive bike at home, and to just ride on my old faithful entry level hardtail, with an old Nokia or BB. My hope is that this will eradicate me being a target - but I dunno, maybe I'm just dreaming.

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I have been a firearm carrier by profession all my adult life and I think carrying a weapon (firearm or other) into a situation where you are oblivious, tired and peddaling a bike is a really stupid idea


just like every highjack course instructor will tell you.....you don't fight back

you just survive


your bike and bits can be replaced don't escalate a mugging into a killing


all the guys and girls on here that have been mugged and have remained calm and cooperated have done the best thing possible in that situation :thumbup:


at risk of being flamed id say that anyone who honestly believes that fighting off armed mugger/s in his cleats and gloves (even with a concealed firearm) is a good idea is a bit too clueless and macho for his own good :whistling:

Best Advice Ever

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I carry one or 2 items with me somtimes but I prefer to stay away from high risk areas.


Trust me when I say it doesnt matter what you carry and what u can do. These guys can take alot and will just absorb what you dish out and then press charges against you.


I have had a few incidents in the past non cycling related and I can thank the almighty that I got away with I have done.


Over the years my weapon of choice has changed from being extremely dangerous to just plain old pepper spray. Its just not worth the headache to be on the wrong side of the law

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