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Another cyclist killed...


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Just this on the Stay Wider of the Rider FB page..

t’s with a heavy heart that we have to report that one of the two cyclists hit by an alleged drunk driver passed away at the scene, our sincere condolences to his family, the team and his friends. The driver has been arrested and is in custody at the Atlantis Police Station

Just got the news that an alleged drunk driver crashed into two riders of the Giants Club who were out preparing for next weekend’s PPA DC on the R27, one of the riders are in a critical condition we will update later

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So sad to hear!


Keep your eyes & ears open at all times guys, be it deliberate or accidental it still dangerous on the road and everywhere else on a bike in SA.


I don't plan to stop riding any time soon so simply have to be very careful.

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Terrible news. A good friend and fellow savage was riding with them when it happened.


So so sorry for his family and friends loss.



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Terrible news this.


It’s not safe to ride solo. It’s not safe to ride in a group. Honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I love the sport so much but after being hit by a car earlier this year, I spend 90% riding indoors now. It shouldn’t be like this.

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RIP rider.


Condolences to the friends&family.


I was out early this morning for a long ride. It is sobering to think someone didn't make it back to their loved ones after going out to enjoy a ride. :(

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Condolences to the bereaved. This is so sad.

This morning in Seapoint a tosser in a mini-SUV crossed over my path as I was crossing a intersection which was green for us both, but since I was crossing over and he wanted to turn right onto the side street, he reckons he could just go  (probably thinking F the cyclist). I gestured at the wanker, and he carried on as if I was the one at fault.

And then, on my return, I was passed by 2 roadies, and as they make their way on (about 2 meters ahead of me), some (lets just call her a 'lady') opens her car door and almost takes all 3 of us out in the process.

Fark, people are stupid.

Keep it safe out there mense.

edit - sorry, I have to. As I was coming down Victoria Drive, ready to turn left onto the 1-way that descends to Beach Road, there were some people on the side walk. Lady walking in front on her phone, just steps off the pavement straight into my path as I take the turn. Luckiliy for us both, I was watching this stupid cow's antics, and fully expected her stupidity and was thus prepared. Cue the sound of 2.35" rubber being dragged on tar. I suspect she needed a panty change after that. I did not hang back to discuss the finer points of her idiocy with her.

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