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Rad T-shirts would you buy if I have a run made ?


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Cotton T + rad cycling related prints ? 

hey everyone. I’m wanting to make some t shirts with some cool cycling motifs printed on very modern very clean and simple 

I’d buy the shirt (proper not some China kaka that feels like road rash) and then I’d do the screen printing. 

Would anyone be interested? They would probably be more gravel oriented as that’s the riding I like to do. 

I have a few designs, but they would feature things like. Vectors of gravel bikes, drop bars , etc 

let me know your thoughts ? 


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25 minutes ago, fanievb said:

i HATE screen printed shirts, they start looking crap very quickly

if you talk sublimated printing, I'll be keen 

It would be very much dependent on the material used, pure cotton or even high cotton count poly blends don't sublimated well. But as these are riding t-shirst I would assume polyester quick dry type shirts. So they should sublimated well.


DTG is best for intricate designs and also for longevity, but it's very costly. 


For the OP. I also would find it very hard to answer your with no idea of the designs, the shirt material/quality/cut etc, and the price 

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Hi to all asking for designs etc I will get to posting an idea of what they will be when I get back from work tonight or tomorrow morning if the evening runs away with me. 

the shirts will be leisure wear and not riding kit there’s no way I could come close to the price point of already well established brands.

Price estimates, design ideas and other details I’ll get to posting here once I’m on my PC at home later. 

appreciate it. 


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Okay so iv got some of the early stage stuff on my phone of where my thought process was going. 

shirts will be 165 GSM combed cotton 

price point will most likely be around R250

and then here are some ideas of prints.

this may be an absolute *** idea and I’m cool with that in that case I’ll just make my self a few but yea keen to hear from you guys.




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