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saddles... what to buy


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I've been riding bikes for 20 odd years and never ever bought a saddle...  Every time I bought/built a bike I used whatever saddle it came with the bike / frame and I've never really considered replacing it...  Some were better, some were worse but with a bit of riding I seemed to get used to whatever saddle I had.


I own 3 older bikes and it happens to be that all of the saddles have seen better days...


I also happened to see some youtube videos from Spez and Fizik who claims to now have way better saddle tech (shorter noze etc.) than we were used to...




1) Are the "latest" tech in saddles really that much better, and is it worth spending R3k on a good saddle vs R700 for a cheapie?

2) What are the key features to look for (is it materials of construction, geometry etc.)

3) How do you go about testing one...  i't not like you can ask your LBS to slap on a range of saddles and go for 3 hour rides to compare?


I found that almost anything is okay up to ~4 hours, but I've taken some serious beating on 12+hr rides / stage races in the past.  I've got some long stuff coming up, so maybe I can find something that makes those long rides a little less terrible.


Any thoughts/comments would be great

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Been eyeing this saddle out for a while




Rather well priced.


If you want to spend more, then you generally can not go wrong with any of the Spaz saddles!




But then you are into the 1.5K mark

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I've never done a stage race (Sani was supposed to be no1 for me this year) so take this from whence it comes.


Ryder make a knock off of the Spez Power saddle. It's called the Ryder Force. I have one on my Jeffsy and I'm very happy with it. It's not as good as the Selle san Marco I have on my roadie but that was considerably more money. It's a cheap option at around R400 so if it doesn't work for you, you haven't spent a massive amount of money.

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Very happy with Ryder, after trying various others.


Currently using the Giant saddle that came with my current bike .... stil to decide if I will put the Ryder on ....

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I have 2 x Spaz Phenoms and a Spaz power at 143 and a Ryder Power at 145....


They all do the job really well. The Ryder Force saddle has a little more flex than the Spaz ones, but it works.


Love a good saddle discussion..... 


I've heard the Ride Farr saddles are also comfy, but have no 1st hand experience there...........

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I'm enjoying that bit of flex from the Ryder Power on my HT, the Spez power on my full sus bike is much more rigid, have a Phenom on the roadie, whatever works, works! 

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everyone has a favourite.

I've found there's certain shapes that work very well.

that's typically one with a good radius across the beam and a bowl shaped in the centre with a cut out.

Flat shapes work OK for short rides under 2 hrs.

Saddles that work for me in that shape are

fizik aliante

fabric scoop radius

SMP drakon or evolution

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