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Lockdown lessons


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What lessons have you learned during this lockdown that you will (hopefully) have in place (hopefully not) the next one?A few items for my list:


- Make sure you have a IDT (and you are sure you have the dongles/axles available).

- Make sure you have some equipment available for home exercises (kettle bell etc.).

- Ensure you have enough beer available.

- Ensure you have enough coffee available.

- Have a few good books lined up.

- Ensure you have a good internet connection and uncapped data.

- Scout a trail in the garden to run/ride.

- Ensure you have the right tools/spares available to service your bike.


I think most people assumed we would be able to walk/ride around our neighborhoods.

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Top Posters In This Topic

- A home office is a different beast !!  Monday and Tuesday I got stuck into WORK .... My wife brought tea ... and I stayed behind that desk .... NOT good on the body !!!  Wednesday I started early, worked 90 minutes, did a few minutes on the IDT, worked, walked around the garden, worked, basically doing 90 minutes sessions with 10 to 15 minute sessions to stretch the legs. By Friday I was getting comfortable with working, and stretching the legs.


- Figured out the details around these remote meetings  :whistling:   Too comfortable at work with the IT guys taking care of the details .... 


- It IS possible to spend a week IN your house (and back yard).  Being old campers might have helped us to stock up on essentials.  Tuesday was the pharmacy run, fixed date.  Seems we might go 10+ days before we would need to go to the shops for some fresh produce - though I did buy 2 bags of frozen vegs so I could stretch out the next visit.


- Having a pattern helps to keep the peace.  My wife knows my office hours, and these are then her soapie hours ....


- desperation .... going to the pharmacy we encountered one beggar at the usual robot .... except he was desperate !!!  He was running from one light to the next to try and beg from the odd car out on the road ..... everybody closing windows, and waving him off !  That image has been with me for a while ... there are people that are having a totally different lockdown experience.


- selective social media exposure ..... I avoid the in-fighting, this serves no purpose.

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Been there, done it, got the mental scarring.

Have spent most of the ensuing day in the garden. Hiding.

I was considering digging a fox hole somewhere between the most thorny rose bushes  :ph34r:

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Let's face it guys .... I have a new found respect for retired men ....

I've told the story before, but it is relevant here:


Many years ago an old friend of my fathers and his wife retired after a lifetime of living on a big farm. They moved into their little house in town and after 6 months he could not take it anymore. Said he was used to having 20 000 hectares to roam, but now his wife was on his case every day all day long. He loved her and didn't want to divorce her. So, he built himself a little cottage right next door, on the same property, separated by no more than a couple of metres of stoep. That was his house and she was welcome to boss him when he set foot in her place, but not in his place. They lived happily like that until she passed away years later. He lived on his own for years after that and only passed away recently.


At the time I thought it was quite eccentric, but have since come to the realization that he was a visionary! 

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Apparently there is an incorrect way to hang washing.

Whahahahaha.. this is very true and there is also an incorrect way to get the washing from the machine to the line.. well depending on how much ironing you want to do.


I hate ironing..I have a system and it works..DO NOT MESS WITH THE SYSTEM[emoji1787][emoji1787]

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We're in lockdown, why do things need to be ironed!?

(..at least that's the approach I'm taking)


In Winter - never iron aything that's going to be covered with another item of clothing.

In Summer - never iron an item that's going to be taken off and thrown on the back seat of the car in 5 minutes.


I'm sure I could sort out Autumn and Spring too if I tried.



An exception: I love the feel of clean freshly ironed sheets. Not sure how it happens but it happens on a regular basis and I've decided not to question or tamper with something that seems to be working ok.

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Let's face it guys .... I have a new found respect for retired men ....

Meanwhile over here at Casa NSBB things just going along as they usually do no stress .... I also worked from home May 2011 till June 2017 when I retired so it's a well established routine.


Having said that it doesn't mean I don't get into trouble every now and then but it's rare and I know how to ride out those occasional storms. I'm firmly in the 'happy wife, happy life' camp!

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