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Shimano Launch All-New 12-Speed Deore Groupset

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Shimano also announced flat mount MTB brakes for XC frames and no doubt riders will fit them to their (flat bar) gravel bikes too.


Flat mount brakes are the devil on XC bikes, not too sure we should be happy about this...

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these look so nice. proof that just because something is relatively cheap that it doesn't have to look like you bought it at the china mall....(i'm looking at you SX and NX).

You also better know that when you and your buddy both get bikes and he has SX/NX/GX on his and you have Deore on yours....that your casette wont look like absolute **** 500km into its life, thats if the derailleur doesn't explode first lol. i've never gotten why you'd want to coat a cassette in any sort of color....whether black or gold or whatever....the roadies still seem to have their heads screwed on straight in this regard.


edit: might also finally be time to upgrade my trusty Deore brakeset to the new 4 pot ones. Now just to convince the wife why she'd want my old ones on her bike :ph34r:

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Oooooh yeah!

4pot brakes, 11clicks and at deore price points without being SRAM. Yes please.

I'll change a freebody for this.

You could be a freehub and new cassette for less than gx a cassette if you shop around

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